Gord Milsom's "from the heart" responses to important questions:

Why is it important to balance culture with innovation and progression?

      • It is important for the health and happiness of our residents to invest in our overall well-being. Thus it is crucial for us to support music, the arts, and culture along with encouraging infrastructure that supports exercise.
      • An exciting opportunity is to explore and further appreciate Westbank First Nations Aboriginal culture initiatives.
      • Another opportunity is for residents and tourists to get involved with the Westbank Historical Society and Museum to learn more about Westbank’s history and pioneers!

How do relationships give you the ability to achieve continued momentum for successful projects while moving forward towards new opportunities?

      • Living in West Kelowna for the last 26 years has allowed me to develop key contacts and relationships with local and regional leaders and influencers!
      • My relationships with others are built on a solid foundation of trust and open communication.
      • I understand the power and value of partnerships - when we work together we can achieve great things.
      • I am not afraid to asking for help and empowering others to be a part of the big picture plan.
      • I have faith in others and have no problem delegating tasks so I don’t get bogged down.
      • I take pride in advocating on behalf of others and I am effective at lobbying all levels of government.

People often connect “progression” and “innovation” with higher taxes. What is your position on this?

      • Many people do not like change and may claim that change will cost more as their way of shutting it down!
      • I believe in well balanced change – not radical change!
      • I believe that the value of new projects/services must be clearly communicated to the public and should there be any costs, that such costs be presented in a transparent manner!
      • My goal is to pursue new growth and economic development opportunities for the greater good of our community while ensuring that tax dollars are allocated as efficiently as possible. For example, a 2% yearly growth level is very achievable and would add $600,000 to the city revenue.

How do you plan on empowering locals to help make positive change?

      • By promoting and communicating Council’s desire to make positive change with a “CAN DO” attitude!
      • I would like to engage the public through a community visioning process.
      • We need to support the growth of strong neighbourhoods and empower citizens to take better care of our neighbourhoods and thus our community.

How do you plan on making communication more effective to and from the general public?

      • Make the City of West Kelowna’s website more user friendly.
      • Ramp up social media for easier two way communication.
      • Create more opportunities for face to face communication by having regular open discussions at community facilities.
      • Greater presence of Mayor and Council at Neighbourhood Association meetings/events and community events!

Do you have a further question for Gord about his stand on any issues? Please feel free to fill out the following form. He will do his best to communicate with you directly as soon as he can!