About Gord Milsom

My family means everything to me. My beautiful wife Laurel and I have been happily married for 37 years. We set deep roots within the community soon after moving from Port Moody/Coquitlam 26 years ago with our daughter Heather and our son Daman.

I am fortunate that most of our family still lives in West Kelowna. My parents and Laurel’s mother lived here prior to their passing. I have two brothers currently living in West Kelowna and a sister who lives in Kelowna. Laurel also has a sister living here as well as many of our nieces and nephews. Living in West Kelowna has given me a chance to meet and spend time with so many inspiring residents including both community leaders and volunteers. I am a Certified Financial Planner and I currently work with my son Daman and brother Murray. My plan is for Daman to take over my financial advisory practice on October 20, 2018. That way I can put all my focus into serving our community and bringing leadership to City Hall. 

From 2007-2014, I had the honour of serving on West Kelowna Council. Under the Accomplishments section of my website, you can see some of the many “wins” I was proud to have achieved. In 2014, I decided not to run for West Kelowna Council so that I could take a few years to build a succession plan for my business. This break gave me time to gain a new perspective of what’s going on in our municipality and develop fresh ideas.

During the past four years I have continued to be very involved within our community and have listened attentively to the concerns of our residents. In so doing, I feel I have a firm understanding of the solutions required to move forward.

I am proud of our community and of the many organizations I have been a part of and I remain wholeheartedly committed to making our city an even better place for us all!

Some of my Favourite Things about West Kelowna:

  • I enjoy the balanced lifestyle West Kelowna provides.
  • I appreciate our outstanding recreational experiences such as the hiking and biking trails with spectacular views.
  • I relish sharing our world class attractions such as those provided by businesses located on the Wine Trail, the Farm Loop, and elsewhere within our community.
  • I am grateful for our city’s rural feel… our farms, agri-tourism, and vineyards.
  • I admire the work ethic and entrepreneurship of citizens.
  • I like that we live in a growing community with increasing diversity.
  • I respect and appreciate the Sylix/Westbank First Nations people and their culture.
  • I enjoy being close to Kelowna and all that city has to offer.
  • I love our hot summers and the lake.