"Dear West Kelowna Residents,
Thank you for the support you have given me in the past. I am very proud of our community and I will continue to be 100% committed to making West Kelowna one of the best places in Canada to live, build business and to play!

Your personal donation to the Milsom for Mayor campaign is sincerely appreciated and will help me to run a successful campaign so I can best serve you."

Gord Milsom


Please read the rules and regulations below governing donations to municipal candidates.

Please mail your personal cheque to:
Milsom for Mayor Campaign (cheques made payable to Gord Milsom Campaign)
c/o Frank Proto
Suite 103 - 2770 Auburn Road
West Kelowna, BC
V4T 4C2



The BC Municipal Election Financing rules have undergone very significant changes. The new rules state:

  • Only INDIVIDUALS who are Canadian and BC residents can donate.
  • The maximum any individual is allowed to donate in a calendar year is $1200.
  • Companies, corporations or partnerships are no longer permitted to donate either in cash or through donated services.
  • Any donation in “kind” e.g. office furniture, rent, computers must be reported and the market value of those donated items must be reported as a donation.
  • The name of any donor who donates more than $100 will be included in the report to Elections BC and will become public information.
  • Unlike a donation to a Provincial or Federal Political candidate or Party, no tax credit or tax deductions are available to the donor


For more information on these new rules please visit