What makes Gord Milsom a good leader?

  • He has abundant business experience and financial knowledge.
  • He takes pride in setting goals, creating a clear plan and following through.
  • He leads by example and has a high work ethic.
  • He listens … thinks …then acts.
  • He listens carefully so he can offer trustworthy, reliable, and resourceful insight.
  • He keeps his word.
  • He has a positive attitude and even temperament.
  • He believes that success is based on a win/win scenario, not based on a zero sum game where there is a winner and a loser.
  • He makes decisions and he's not afraid to make mistakes, because he always has a clear plan in place (with Plan B ready).
  • He's a strong delegator and does not need to be in control.

What Makes Gord Milsom More Approachable Than Other Leaders?

  • He believes in two way communication and he always welcomes face-to-face talks.
  • Hes always the first person to reach out and he is personable.
  • He sincerely enjoys listening to others.
  • He is empathetic to others going through challenges and hardship.
  • He has a positive attitude and outlook on life !
  • His reputation is solid and built on loyal friendships

Why and How is Gord a Genuine Person?

  • It’s in his DNA… He comes from a family of genuine people with pure hearts!
  • There is never a hidden agenda with Gord Milsom … what you see is what you get!
  • He walks the walk and lives by the “service above self” motto!
  • He's a family man!
  • He is value based and makes his decisions using his strong moral compass!
  • He tells the truth even when it’s difficult!
  • He is respectful and compassionate of others….all occupations and walks of life!