A possible legacy for future West Kelowna generations:

Gord Milsom is asking for your vote on October 20, 2018, to allow him to become Mayor of West Kelowna. Gord's hope for the future is a world where the following would be facts and not just dreams:

  • West Kelowna is a safe community.
  • We have clean air and water.
  • We are well known for our diverse and vibrant community, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley.
  • We are a transit friendly community with effective transportation within our city and we are well connected to the rest of region
  • We have abundant walkways, hiking/biking trails, and innovative recreational facilities.
  • We enjoy preserved green spaces
  • We offer appropriate housing options
  • Our local businesses thrive all 4 seasons of the year
  • West Kelowna is one of the cities known for the best quality of life in Canada! !

The above can become a reality with strong leadership and strong commitment to our community!

Local Concerns & Tangible Actions Gord Has Already Taken:

  • Build positive relationships with our good neighbours, Westbank First Nations and the City of Kelowna, and with other local and regional partner organizations. These collaborative relationships may create new opportunities for economic development, tourism, integrated policing and transit services, shared infrastructure and recreation investment. Also, building positive relationships with the citizens of our community is very important to Gord. His plan is to hold town hall meetings to address all pertinent concerns and opportunities in order to get immediate public feedback.
  • Connect, listen and commmunicate with residents to encourage the growth and support of neighbourhood associations. Gord will build community spirit by celebrating individual and business successes and community wide achievements. He will recognize and support volunteerism and encourage residents of all ages to become involved and to take on leadership roles within the community. Last year, Gord was involved in the Greater Westside Board of Trade - Key Business Awards where local businesses, leaders and volunteers were honoured for their commitment to excellence within our community.
  • Ensure that citizens are receiving good value for their property tax dollars. Is the city meeting our citizens’ service expectations? Gord will ask this important question when he is knocking on doors!
  • Protect our community by reducing crime. Gord Milsom has been advocating for more police officers and has met with our RCMP detachment with a goal to develop a communicative relationship.
  • Continue to mitigate the risks associated with wildfires and floods. He has met with the Fire Chief to discuss these issues.
  • The need for clean water is and always will be a priority. Plans to build the new Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant are underway. This project needs to be monitored closely as it is a very large and expensive capital project. Gord's goal is for this project to come in on time and under budget.
  • Protective environmental practices are so important to our Okanagan lifestyle now and for our future. We must attract clean industries and encourage greener modes of transportation (walking, biking, carpooling, and use of public transit).
  • Continue to improve development services processes and timelines to become a more “business friendly” community. Gord is meeting with developers and businesses to listen to their concerns.
  • Run the city office more like a business and re-structure regular council meetings for better efficiency. Gord believes that non-business presentations and information reports should be presented in a separate meeting so as to allow the council meetings to focus on the business of the City, such as development applications and zoning amendments.
  • Attract new investment in business to create new jobs and add to the tax base. Also to ensure we have adequate workers with specialized skills living in our community. Gord will continue to develop relationships with economic development and tourism committees and he will reach out to both businesses and residents to determine which products and services are currently lacking within West Kelowna.
  • Appropriate housing for diverse accommodation needs to be available for our community. This includes efficient use of land. Gord will discuss these issues and look for solutions during his meetings with developers.
  • Continue to develop and revitalize our downtown core. Gord believes that a higher density of people living downtown will increase revenue opportunities for current business and attract new businesses.
  • Invest in sidewalks, bike paths and recreational facilities to ensure physical health and premier quality of living for our residents.
  • Improve transit options and connectivity within our city and to neighbouring cities. We also need to improve transportation services for seniors who often have difficulty getting to doctor appointments (at Kelowna General Hospital for example).Gord has met with the Westside Health Network Society to discuss this need.
  • Keep BC Hydro focused on a second power line into the region because there isn’t currently a back-up power supply. Gord will lobby BC Hydro to keep the second transmission line as a priority and to expedite the completion of the project.
  • Collaborate with and encourage the School District to plan for increased student enrolment and the potential need for new schools. We also need infrastructure upgrades for our schools, which includes sidewalks, parking and pedestrian crossings.
  • Increase mental health resources to support resource groups like Partners for a Healthy Community address homelessness, poverty and other social issues.

Although this is already a wonderful place to live, with the backing of your vote for Mayor on October 20, 2018, Gord Milsom will devote his energy into working hard on behalf of West Kelowna citizens to make the above improvements a reality.